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Hi There!


Thank you so much for checking out my webpage! I'm Elena, owner of Elena Russell Photography. I consider myself a milestone photographer who absolutely loves her job and everything that comes with it. Although I tend to photograph a lot of different sessions, my heart and soul is with newborn photography. Getting to snuggle babies and shop for cute props while being creative is truly the best job in the entire world! Newborn stage is precious beyond words. It is my pleasure to capture the rolls, the yawns, the milk bubbles and so much more! 

























Newborn photography is its own breed, and it is not for every photographer…even if they do offer it. Newborn photography requires a different type of learning curve and skill than any other photography, and a heck of a lot of patience. Just because someone is a great photographer, does not mean they are a great newborn photographer also. Most people do not realize all the factors and effort that goes into a newborn session, they just see the final outcome. But that outcome requires a heck of a lot more than a nice camera.


A professional knows how to carefully edit: Not only do trained photographers know how to get beautiful images straight off a camera, they also know how to work with delicate skin tones, to edit backgrounds, and to fix any small things that might detract from the star: your sweet baby! A pro will always edit and touch up only to enhance the natural look of your child, without adding excessive airbrushing.


A professional knows how to hold, pose, and work with your beautiful newborn: Safety should be the utmost concern when working with newborn babies, and only a professional knows the latest techniques, and ideas to keep your baby safe and sound during a session. Professionals will never attempt tricky poses or difficult ideas unless they are able to be done with care. Professionals are trained in keeping baby happy, as well as safe, and that should give you peace of mind.


Newborn photography has become a true passion of mine. I pride myself on my drive for the desire to improve my craft, which includes spending endless hours on research, attending newborn conferences all over the country, and practicing safely handling your baby and perfecting those sweet poses. I just love the feeling I get providing such a profound service to my clients and seeing the sparkle in their eye and smile on their face when they see the images from their session. It has been a lot of time, money and energy put into it but I have definitely come a long way since I first began snapping photos of little one’s.. and of course, the learning never ends! 

Standard Newborn Package is $575