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Guys.. I can't keep all of this cuteness to myself! I HAD to share more images from my session this morning with Maria and her little of 4 week old corgis.

I have been wanting to reach out to Maria for quite some time, but with absolutely ZERO self control I knew that it was better than I didn't. UNTIL I saw that all of the puppies have found a home (YAY!) so here I was, finding myself asking her if she can come by and let me photograph her puppies! It is important to note that my 8 year old ABSOLUTELY ADORES corgis and would give her right leg for her to have one. Not even kidding. So when I told her that I have a surprise for her and showed her a picture, she right away though that she was getting a dog.... ok. bad move on my part. After explaining to her that we are just taking pictures of them and lots of tears later, she was ecstatic to help. Of course I also asked my mom to come because it was just TOO much cuteness for me to handle.

Needless to say, the session was everything. When the puppies got to my studio, I quickly realized that I was in over my head.

They were running around and chewing on all of my props so I had to act fast. I grabbed one and thought... hmm... what if I... and sure enough... WRAPPING A PUPPY WORKED. You guys... they were out in less than a minute! I wish my newborns did that!! lol

If you are looking for a corgi puppy, reach out to Maria with Barens Corgis and Dachshunds (on facebook)! She just just the sweetest and her puppies are absolutely beautiful! This litter does have homes already, however she does have another one being born this summer. I'm pretty sure my 8 year old will get her way and we will most likely have another dog (what's one more right?) so if you want to share a sibling with me I would love to have puppy dates! It is important to note that my husband does not read my blogs nor has he been given this information. If you know him and if I find out that you told him this, I will.... well I won't do anything but like..please don't. ok? :)

Alright enough blabbing. ENJOY!

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