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There is just something about that timeless moment... when you lay there with your new baby on your chest and you cant help but wish that this moment would last a lifetime...


Looking back at that same image years later, you are transported to a distinct moment that is forever frozen in time. You instantly remember how it felt when your child would slowly fall asleep in your arms, the sweet smell of their skin and the peace you felt within you. All the pain you went though was worth it. He is perfect. The seemingly mundane moments from a moment gone suddenly have new meaning.


Photos have a unique power to connect us to who we were, we are and who we hope to become. They lead us to a connected life filled with purpose, discovery, and joy. 

We all love to brag about our children, friends, and family. We take photos of everything, including sports tournaments where we showcase our athletic abilities, or prom to showcase a major checkpoint in our child’s life, or our engagement to showcase our unmatched love, or our wedding to showcase the joining of one life to another. What I find most compelling is that the emotion derived from each one of these amazing moments comes together all at once during birth. Why would we want to let something so powerful pass un-documented?


And if when I ask, “why not?” you answer, because things happen in birth that are not beautiful, because I am not a health class exhibit, because I am modest about my body and private with my life”, then I suspect you might be gazing at things from a different perspective. True, birth story photography is not for every mother, but it is important to understand that there is something much deeper to birth photography than the images themselves. Its about family, its about the strength of a mother, and its about being at peace with and owing your birth story, even if it does not go according to plan.














And if you are still anticipating unflattering, head-on crowning shots, feel free to take a peek of my gallery :)


Birth photography is not for everyone, and that is ok. Some families want their privacy and do not wish to invite a photographer to their birth and we respect it is not for everyone. But for those just hearing about birth photography for the first time, please open your mind and understand what birth photography really is all about. 





Please know, I am a professional and I act accordingly. I care about positive birth experiences. I care about the health of mother and baby.  I respect the medical and birth professionals our clients have hired and follow the rules and procedures they put in place. I am respectful of the birth process and birth experience. I respect the mothers choices when it comes to what she does or does not want photographed.









And through all this professionalism, I may still shed a tear when a baby is born. I am invested in my clients, they become friends, I assure you we are not a stranger in the room.

I would love to get a chance to explain why I love photographing these moments for you. If you would like to meet up over a cup of tea and chocolates and chat, send me your information below. 


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